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Wake them up!!

I just found this interesting video on how we need a paradigm change on our education systems. Actually, I agree with him in so many levels. I behold how the actual education system doesn’t work and how people fail in it. I saw brilliant people to be failed because the system is corrupt, and because they thought in other ways. The system exploits the creativity and kill the ideas of those who composed it, instead of encourage them and make them grow.

I love one phrase in the video: “wake the students up!, instead of putting them to sleep…“. Nowadays, with so many information we need to be more awake than before. We need to process tons of information, and learn how to discriminate between the good ones from the thrash. The problem is: how the education system wants to put all of us in a production line. They want to produce “educated” people to get some profit. This is not how education should work, education should allow you to free your mind, not to put it in a cage.

Finally, he spoke about “divergent thinking” and how that creativity is destroy as you grow old. I hope that I never forget this one: Do not criticize a child drawing (or any creative activity of his). Do not tell a child how his drawing is bad, nor how his drawing should has this or that. Instead of that just support the creativity and screw the “normal” way of thinking. In the end, can you tell what normal is?

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